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Assets & Debts in a California Divorce

Assets & Debts

At first glance, California property laws related to divorce can seem simple – and they often are, if you and your spouse agree on division of property. In fact, many of our clients prefer “horse trading” – allocating their estate between them and their spouses without deep consideration of values, separate property claims, etc. This is fine under California law, plus it can be fast and save on legal costs.

However, in some cases this “Cliffs Notes” version of family law can result in severely unfair property divisions. Sometimes the devil is in the details, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars are in those details, too.

Since 1999, Nader, Naraghi & Woodcock, APLC has helped our clients achieve a fair division of assets and debts, through negotiation when possible, and through litigation when, and to the extent necessary. For example, we can help you:

  1. Receive credit for money you inherited, or received as a gift, during your marriage.
  2. Receive credit for assets you brought into the marriage, or earned after your separation.
  3. Save you money by working with experts to trace your separate money when it has been commingled with marital money, even over many years.
  4. Obtain an accurate value for your business, or for the business of your spouse.

Our approach to divorce is unique: we develop a strategy for resolving your divorce issues at the very beginning of your case. We emphasize customer service, and use the latest technology to facilitate our relationship with our clients. When necessary we implement a team approach to family law, using a specialist if necessary when doing so would save money and time. Call (800) 689-0774 and speak to one of our attorneys today.

Additional Information

“I have had an excellent experience with Bill Woodcock and his supporting staff while they represented me in a family law matter. Their billing and fee structure is reasonable and never did I get the sense that anyone was trying to over-bill me or that they were creating unnecessary work just for the sake of additional fees. Bill is extremely well versed in the Family Code and also relevant case law. More importantly, when it is appropriate, he is very much willing to help find solutions with the other side (much cheaper to find the middle ground where possible) as opposed to fighting over every little thing (extremely expensive). That said, when push comes to shove, Bill can be very aggressive and was always able to represent my position to the fullest extent possible because of his knowledge, experience, and preparation. Bill's supporting staff is also very attentive and detail-oriented. Before this I had no experience with the family court system or family law and it was very comforting to have Bill and Elvira (his paralegal / office manager) be able to explain things clearly in terms that I could understand (not just a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo). I highly recommend this firm for representation.”

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