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At Nader, Naraghi & Woodcock, APLC we take both a psychological and a legal approach to child custody cases. This is because custody litigation boils down to essentially a single question: “What is in the best interest of the child?” This question is a psychological one. Although we are not psychology professionals, when necessary we work closely with child development specialists, including consultants with decades of experience as court-appointed custody experts.

The crucial question in every divorce action is simple: what kind of spouse and/or opposing divorce attorney are we going to be working with? Are they open to settlement? Are they going to delay, obstruct, or otherwise refuse to budge from an unreasonable or legally-unsupportable position?

This assessment is paramount in approaching child custody, as the effects of a child custody litigation gone wrong can have life-long consequences to the mental health of a child and the relationship between parent and child. An unnecessarily heavy-handed approach to child custody law can result in the other parent being scared into an aggressive posture, with the child as the ultimate victim.

On the other hand, some parents try to game the system, maneuvering through custody litigation for reasons unrelated to the best interest of the child – e.g., to impact child support, or to work out personal vendettas. This type of parent can use a settlement-minded parent's desire to protect their children against them, preying on guilt and fears to leverage an unfair custody plan.

Our approach to child custody is as unique as our approach to divorce in general: we develop a strategy for resolving your custody issues at the very beginning of your case. With the parent who is open to compromise we take pains to reassure them of your and your attorney's honesty and integrity, and work toward a low-impact and long-term plan that will maintain relationships and keep you out of court in the future.

With the entrenched or game-playing parent, the most effective method for bringing closure is to develop an evidence-supported custody case right from the very beginning, often with the help of well-respected custody specialists, and aggressively seek attorney's fees reimbursement if offers of settlement are not accepted. The expert California divorce attorneys at Nader, Naraghi & Woodcock, APLC have used this approach since 1999 to swiftly bring custody cases to a conclusion. Call us at (800) 689-0774 for a free consultation today.

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“I have had an excellent experience with Bill Woodcock and his supporting staff while they represented me in a family law matter. Their billing and fee structure is reasonable and never did I get the sense that anyone was trying to over-bill me or that they were creating unnecessary work just for the sake of additional fees. Bill is extremely well versed in the Family Code and also relevant case law. More importantly, when it is appropriate, he is very much willing to help find solutions with the other side (much cheaper to find the middle ground where possible) as opposed to fighting over every little thing (extremely expensive). That said, when push comes to shove, Bill can be very aggressive and was always able to represent my position to the fullest extent possible because of his knowledge, experience, and preparation. Bill's supporting staff is also very attentive and detail-oriented. Before this I had no experience with the family court system or family law and it was very comforting to have Bill and Elvira (his paralegal / office manager) be able to explain things clearly in terms that I could understand (not just a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo). I highly recommend this firm for representation.”

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