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Child Support

Along with concerns about child custody, determining child support can be a huge part of the divorce process. The most important factor that the court takes into consideration is making sure that your child or children are adequately provided for.

Child support is money paid from one parent to the other for the benefit of the child. The amount of child support one parent pays to the other is determined by calculating “guideline child support.” Special computer software must be used to make this calculation.

The law involving child support is complicated and a number of factors are considered in determining how much money a parent will be required to pay in support. These factors include the number of children involved, each parent's individual income, the amount of time each parent spends with the child, and is best reviewed with your child support attorney.

Calculating Child Support in California

When calculating child support, the state of California will only use each parent's gross earnings to make a determination. The amount of a parent's expenses will not be considered. Child support can even be awarded in cases where the parents share joint physical custody of the children.

Modifications to Child Support

An income change can often be grounds for a modification of child support. If one parent has a significant income change, then either parent can file an Order to Show Cause requesting that the previous child support order be modified.

The Length of Child Support

Child support is paid until the minor child reaches the age of eighteen and is a high school graduate, or until the child is nineteen if he or she is still enrolled in high school full time. If a child dies or becomes emancipated, then child support payments will cease.

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