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Paying Spousal Support in California

Pay Spousal Support

In California, spousal support orders can impact your life for decades. We once took on a client who began paying spousal support in 1965, and 45 years later was still enmeshed in litigation. If you are a spousal support payor, the expert California divorce attorneys at Nader, Naraghi & Woodcock, APLC can help you achieve a swift settlement now, and lay the necessary groundwork which will help the supported spouse become self-supporting in a reasonable amount of time.

The current state of California spousal support law is chaotic. There are two separate systems for calculating spousal support. There is little predictability: a Judge in one courtroom may rule one way, and a Judge in the courtroom down the hall may rule another way on the same set of facts. Rife with both potential unfairness for both payor and payee, going to court on spousal support issues in California is like spinning a roulette wheel.

Spousal support payors in California might find that the court bases the support they pay on the income they received last year, in the hopes that history will repeat itself and they will get the same bonus and overtime this year. If they don't? Then they will often be paying most of their take-home pay out as support, with little to live on.

As an example, support payors might find that the court orders them to:

  1. Pay support even when their spouse is living with and sharing expenses with a romantic partner.
  2. Pay support to a spouse who refuses to work when they could, or could earn more in a different position.
  3. Pay support based not only on their income but also on the money their business needs to reserve to keep the business afloat (support payors who are business owners are especially vulnerable to overreaching attorneys.)

All of these unfair outcomes are within the court's discretion to order—and they can be life-wrecking. Naraghi & Woodcock has been representing Spousal Support Payors since 1999. Our approach to spousal support is unique: we develop a strategy for resolving your divorce issues at the very beginning of your case and lay the necessary legal groundwork to allow and encourage the supported spouse become self-supporting in a reasonable amount of time. To find out how we can help you, please call (800) 689-0774.

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“I have had an excellent experience with Bill Woodcock and his supporting staff while they represented me in a family law matter. Their billing and fee structure is reasonable and never did I get the sense that anyone was trying to over-bill me or that they were creating unnecessary work just for the sake of additional fees. Bill is extremely well versed in the Family Code and also relevant case law. More importantly, when it is appropriate, he is very much willing to help find solutions with the other side (much cheaper to find the middle ground where possible) as opposed to fighting over every little thing (extremely expensive). That said, when push comes to shove, Bill can be very aggressive and was always able to represent my position to the fullest extent possible because of his knowledge, experience, and preparation. Bill's supporting staff is also very attentive and detail-oriented. Before this I had no experience with the family court system or family law and it was very comforting to have Bill and Elvira (his paralegal / office manager) be able to explain things clearly in terms that I could understand (not just a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo). I highly recommend this firm for representation.”

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