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Receiving Child Support in California

One of the most nerve-wracking aspects of Dissolution is the financial uncertainty created by the splitting of the household—suddenly there are two sets of bills to pay. All divorces involve a reduction in the lifestyle of the family involved. At Nader, Naraghi & Woodcock, APLC, our goal is to minimize that financial impact on the children.

Going to court can be like spinning a Roulette Wheel—you never know where the ball is going to land. Will the Judge apply the law correctly? In litigation, Child support Payees in California might find that the court:

  1. Bases the child support they receive on the income the other parent erroneously claims on their tax return—leaving it up to them to prove differently with an expensive expert.
  2. Assumes that they can snap their fingers and obtain high-paying employment, and bases their child support order on this imaginary salary.
  3. Doesn't take into account the additional costs involved in raising children—such as extracurricular activities and educational and health care costs.

All of these unfair outcomes are within the court's discretion to order—and the impact on your children can be severe. The attorneys at Nader, Naraghi & Woodcock, APLC have been representing Child Support Payees since 1999. Our approach to child support is unique: we develop a strategy for resolving your issues at the very beginning of your case and help you navigate through California's complex Child support laws and obtain a fair settlement.

We emphasize customer service, and use the latest technology to facilitate our relationship with our clients. When necessary we implement a team approach to family law, using specialists if necessary when doing so would save money and time.

With a spouse who is open to compromise we will reassure them that he or she is not being taken advantage of, while at the same time working towards a fair, fact-based support order. When dealing with obstructing or unreasonable spouse, we develop an airtight legal case right from the very beginning, craft an evidence-supported offer of settlement, and aggressively seek attorney's fees reimbursement if that offer is not accepted. The expert California child support attorneys at Nader, Naraghi & Woodcock, APLC have used this approach to swiftly bring to a conclusion cases that, with prior attorneys, have lingered in the court system for years. Call us today at (800) 689-0774 to discuss your matter.

Additional Information

“I have had an excellent experience with Bill Woodcock and his supporting staff while they represented me in a family law matter. Their billing and fee structure is reasonable and never did I get the sense that anyone was trying to over-bill me or that they were creating unnecessary work just for the sake of additional fees. Bill is extremely well versed in the Family Code and also relevant case law. More importantly, when it is appropriate, he is very much willing to help find solutions with the other side (much cheaper to find the middle ground where possible) as opposed to fighting over every little thing (extremely expensive). That said, when push comes to shove, Bill can be very aggressive and was always able to represent my position to the fullest extent possible because of his knowledge, experience, and preparation. Bill's supporting staff is also very attentive and detail-oriented. Before this I had no experience with the family court system or family law and it was very comforting to have Bill and Elvira (his paralegal / office manager) be able to explain things clearly in terms that I could understand (not just a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo). I highly recommend this firm for representation.”

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