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Top 3 Questions about Hiring a Lawyer in California

  1. Do I have to have a lawyer?

    There is no requirement that you have a lawyer, but depending on your specific situation it may be wise. Hiring an lawyer pre-maturely may actually cause problems, and hiring a lawyer too late may leave you unprotected and in fact jeopardize your rights. See specific practice area for guidance and more specific answers.

  2. How can I find the right lawyer for me?

    As with hiring any professional, you need to interview as many lawyers as you have time and patience for. You need to ask questions related to your situation (see specific practice area for guidance) and listen critically. You will know when you are getting straight answers, or just being told what you want to hear. At the end of the process, trust your gut.

  3. What makes one attorney better than another?

    While interviewing lawyers (see above), it goes without saying that the lawyer should have substantial experience and expert knowledge in the specific area of law. Beyond that, you need to see with which lawyer you feel most comfortable. Which lawyer is willing to meet with you personally? Which lawyer explains your rights, responsibilities, and options in a way you can understand? Which attorney explains the process to you so that you both understand and feel comfortable with a realistic plan? Do not rely on a lawyer’s title as a specialist, or the promises they make in their advertisement.

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Top 3 Questions about Hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer in California

Top 3 Questions about Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in California

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