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After Graduating from UCLA, Marian L. Stanton, began her career as a Los Angeles City school teacher. When she decided to attend Law School, it was her interest in and love of children that led her to focus on family law. 'Marian was on Law Review, and served as an Editor, she graduated Summa Cum Laude, served as an Assistant Professor of law, and then went into private practice. She began her legal career at the Women's Legal Clinic in West Los Angeles, and quickly gained incredible insight into not only the complexities of family law, but the need for both the parents and the attorneys to be mindful of the potential impact that divorce has on children of all ages.

Marian developed her skills in the Courtroom as well as having attended mediation training at Stanford Law School. Keeping in mind the best interests of the children, Marian focuses on getting the right result for her client. Her background and experience is recognized by the judicial officers, as well as opposing counsel. At Nader and Woodcock, APLC, Marian brings to the firm her years of experience in dealing with custody issues. She will be available to serve "of counsel" to clients who need her unique talents in all aspects of family law.

Marian graduated from UCLA with degrees in education, sociology and educational psychology. She taught elementary school students in the Los Angeles Unified School District for 13 years before entering law school, where she graduated magna cum laude with the highest grades possible. She has also Because of Marian's background, she is uniquely and deeply qualified to handle issues involving children, including custody and visitation, support, and mediation. She is an educator, first and foremost, and knows the importance of listening to her clients' wants and concerns. "You tell me where you're at; I'll tell you what the law is, and we'll focus on getting the right result for you."

A divorce or separation is a very serious and emotional matter, one that Marian doesn't take lightly. She offers pre-divorce consultations for clients and explains every aspect of the possible choices to be made. "I have a personal interest in my clients. I'm not going to walk away. I care about what happens to them."

Marian and Hal have handled extremely high-profile divorces for celebrities and sports figures, which, by their nature, are difficult battles. Each case is different, but Marian gives each and every client the tools and knowledge to deal with their personal situations, whether through alternative dispute resolution or litigation.

Marian has two married daughters and three grandchildren. She values family life and strives to create emotional stability and appropriate financial solutions for her clients. At Nader and Woodcock, APLC, Marian will bring compassion and comfort to those in the difficult family dynamics of divorce. No matter what your family issue is, Marian will listen to you, explain what you need to know, and help you obtain the appropriate result.

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