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eta Patel is of counsel to Nader, Naraghi & Woodcock and is in her tenth year of practice as a California licensed attorney. With her primary focus being family law, she has extensive experience with issues of child custody, visitation, domestic violence restraining orders, child support, spousal support, and property division issues.

Neeta provides in depth research, strategy and review for a broad range of cases, from the first filings through trial. She works closely with the firm and the clients to assess the facts and advise parties on all phases of casework from resolving initial issues of support, domestic violence restraining orders, and emergency orders, to long term resolution of issues, including property, spousal support and custody. Neeta specializes in preparing a varying range of family issues for hearing, trial and settlement, by employing the use of  experts, proper legal methods and research. As a result, Neeta has worked with many different experts on a wide range of issues.

She has worked with forensic accountants, financial advisers and tax specialists to investigate and uncover financial issues, including the high income earning ability of parties and concealed assets. She has helped review financial documents, and other relevant material to accurately evaluate income available for purposes of support and attorney's fees. Neeta has worked with medical professionals and experts to determine and defend a party's ability to be gainfully employed and secure employment, as it relates to spousal support. In addition, she has worked with psychologists, child custody evaluators and minor's counsels to ensure the best possible custody and visitation order that is in the best interest of the children and to demonstrate issues of abuse, alienation and abandonment.


  • State Bar of California


  • Orange County Bar Association
  • South Asian Bar Association of Southern California
  • American Bar Association
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